We also have a special process to repair unsafe, yellowed headlights.



We can restore your wipers to look like new, without removing them.



Our team of professionals can also repair scratches on your alloy wheels.

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    High Quality


    Since 1989 Duco Magic has been using state of the art paint technology to repair automotive chips and scratches to a high quality finish... without costly spray-painting or using messy car touch up paint that doesn’t last the distance.



    Duco Magic uses advanced paint technology and products perfected over time through research, development and an in-house manufacturing process dedicated to quality and excellence. Our products have then stood the test of time in the field.

    Keep Your Car

    Get Back on the Road

    These repairs can be done at your home, office or dealership. For car owners, that means your car is not 'out of action' for days. For dealerships, it means the car can stay on your lot. Less chance of a missed sale.

    No Delays

    Quick Processing

    Most automotive paint repairs can be completed at your site in just a few hours. Our process is quick and long-lasting.
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    Our technicians can schedule our professional services on a regular basis so your car is always looking in tip-top shape. For dealerships, we can arrange regular service calls according to your needs.



    Our repair process is not only quick, but very affordable. It means you can regularly use our services to keep your car looking good and can contribute to a higher resale value.

Buyer beware when taking your car to get polished or paint rectified. Cheap is not always best, and expensive does not always guarantee good work. Reputable repairers will offer guarantees on their work, will have years of experience in the field and will ensure the client is happy with the result before taking payment. At Linda Lorraway Auto Paint Repairs, we pride ourselves on quality work, referrals and repeat customers. Call  to arrange expert advice on your paintwork and a free quote. Phone 0488113826 / 47890288

The Background of Duco Magic

Duco Magic was started back in 1989. Our people have a wealth of experience in the automotive industry and a passion for maintaining cars in optimum condition. Over the years, the company has worked hard in creating and developing a new automotive repair paint that is simple to use, lasting and easy to apply. But Duco Magic is more than just a great product.  Our trained technicians provide the knowledge and experience to give you a great looking car.  They follow a well-developed process that has been fine-tuned to produce great results.

Duco Magic’s attitude to business is to constantly improve in every business area. We always search for a better way, embracing serious creativity and innovation in every aspect of our organisation.

Our evolution has taken us through management changes to bring us to the vibrant business we are today.  We believe in planned and principled business processes and procedures. We test and measure every process and procedure to ensure they get results when followed correctly. We don’t take short-cuts but prefer to provide our clients with the highest quality repairs at value for money prices.

The cost of repairs depends on the extent of the damage. Your Duco Magic trained technician will be able to provide you with a firm quote when they assess your car.

Compare these scratches | Before

This photo shows scratches before our Duco Magic Technician applied our process.

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Compare These Scratches | After

This photo shows scratches after our Duco Magic Technician applied our process.

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What Others Say

Chrissi, Fairfield Waters

“It's quite amazing to see the difference, my car is nearly 20 years old and it looks brand new again.”

Eileen, West End

“I would have travelled many miles to get my car to look this good. It's so shiny, I may have to wear gloves now before I touch it!”

Maureen, Kelso

“My car had a Duco Magic paint protection applied over 6 years ago and it is still so shiny and I have never had to polish since. It really is magic stuff and I would recommend it to any car lover.”

John, Mount Louisa

“Great service, fantastic work and I would recommend Duco Magic Auto Paint Repairs to all car owners who are looking for complete exterior rejuvenation. I bought a full cut and polish with a paint protection applied, all chips and scratches repaired and my headlights, wipers and wheels dressed for less than a set of new tyres. There is no better value for money than that”

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