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We think you will be amazed at what a Duco Magic Technician can do for you using our advanced Duco Magic products. While Duco Magic trained technicians are primarily known for helping their clients with low cost paint repairs achieving a great result, our team of professionals can also offer you more to improve the appearance of your car.


Protector Glaze

For prestige treatment, we offer a premium product called Protector Glaze.  Our very own, tried and tested formula, that provides a deep, new-car-look, lasting shine.

Protector Glaze is surface protection treatment designed for protecting new and existing paint surfaces on cars.  We believe Protector Glaze is the best and most cost effective system for protecting the integrity and look of car paint.

No More Yellowed Headlights

We also have a special process to repair unsafe, yellowed headlights. These repairs are done onsite, making the task easy for the client and cost effective.

Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy wheels are a great addition to your car, however if they are scuffed and scratched they detract from your cars appearance.  Duco Magic Technicians are trained in various techniques to repair these unsightly marks and make your wheels look close to new again.  You will be amazed at the difference it makes.

Windscreen Wiper Restoration

Are your wipers looking dull and faded? In minutes, Duco Magic Technicians can restore them to the pristine state you remember.  In most cases, we can do this even without removing them from the vehicle!

Elliptical Polishing

If you want your car safely polished to a showroom gleam, Duco Magic trained technicians use a high frequency elliptic action polisher – more effective than hand polishing yet faster than a buff. Even black cars can be polished until they shine.



We also have a special process to repair unsafe, yellowed headlights.



We can restore your wipers to look like new, without removing them.



Our team of professionals can also repair scratches on your alloy wheels.