Services We Offer

Protector Glaze

For prestige treatment, we offer a premium product called Protector Glaze.  Our very own, tried and tested formula, that provides a deep, new-car-look, lasting shine.

Protector Glaze is surface protection treatment designed for protecting new and existing paint surfaces on cars.  We believe Protector Glaze is the best and most cost effective system for protecting the integrity and look of car paint.

How Does it Work?

By applying the Duco Magic Protector Glaze System, you can enhance the appearance of a vehicle’s paintwork or any protected surface.

It will repel dust and protect against the loss of gloss, oxidization, bird and bat dropping acid damage.  In addition it will protect the vehicle finish against exhaust fumes and industrial pollutants, whilst maintaining a permanent showroom shine that eliminates the need to wax or polish!

How Good is It?

Really good!  In fact it is so good we are willing to provide a Lifetime Warranty on new cars and a 7 Year Warranty on used cars up to 6 years old!



We also have a special process to repair unsafe, yellowed headlights.



We can restore your wipers to look like new, without removing them.



Our team of professionals can also repair scratches on your alloy wheels.