About Duco Magic

The Background of Duco Magic

Duco Magic was started back in 1989. Our people have a wealth of experience in the automotive industry and a passion for maintaining cars in optimum condition. Over the years, the company has worked hard in creating and developing a new automotive repair paint that is simple to use, lasting and easy to apply. But Duco Magic is more than just a great product.  Our trained technicians provide the knowledge and experience to give you a great looking car.  They follow a well-developed process that has been fine-tuned to produce great results.

Duco Magic’s attitude to business is to constantly improve in every business area. We always search for a better way, embracing serious creativity and innovation in every aspect of our organisation.

Our evolution has taken us through management changes to bring us to the vibrant business we are today.  We believe in planned and principled business processes and procedures. We test and measure every process and procedure to ensure they get results when followed correctly. We don’t take short-cuts but prefer to provide our clients with the highest quality repairs at value for money prices.